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Oral health: A cornerstone of overall health

Poor oral health or hidden problems in your mouth can affect the rest of your body. Our team of Board Certified Specialists will help you to learn more about the connection between your oral health and overall health.

Board certified specialists

servicing the Newton, Wellesley and Boston areas.

In our new state-of-the-art digital Hybrid Operating Rooms prosthodontists, periodontists, general dentists, and hygienists work side by side to perform procedures which require both surgical and minimal intervention dentistry expertise.

Beauty is truth

Is your oral health on the right track?

Your oral health is the front line of defence for your general health. Seemingly small oral health issues such as gum disease and tooth loss can lead to larger problems. Did you know gum disease has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and chronic kidney disease? Tooth loss can result in loss of jawbone and further tooth loss, as well as head and neck pain. Our team of specialists are highly trained in the latest procedures and techniques to help you feel comfortable and confident in your smile.

Expect the best

In today’s complex world, you cannot continue to put your oral health at risk with mediocre health professionals. At ARID we offer you the opportunity to correct your health with your very own board certified prosthodontist or periodontists. You will also have your own dental assistant who will sit chairside with you to ensure you’re comfortable all times. We organize all of this just for you because your health is our priority.

Let Us Take Care of Your Oral Health

At ARID Newton-Wellesley we have assembled a dedicated team of Board-Certified Specialists who are also faculty members of top rated academic dental institutions around the globe. Our team perform a broad range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures using the latest proven scientific methods and technologically advanced equipment. The supporting team consists of world-renowned master-ceramists, highly knowledgeable and experienced hygienists, and well-educated assistants who are trained in the latest prosthodontics, periodontics and surgical procedures.

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The Shift In Dentistry

The potential challenges and opportunities for dental medicine with respect to an aging population as well as advancement in diagnostics, surgical and noninvasive procedures and technology over the past decade and into the next has been the beginning of an important demographic shift for dentistry and dental care providers. With age, baby boomers will bring a greater need for specialized care. This is partly because they will have better oral health histories and lower rates of edentulism, as well as a growing clinical awareness of the associations between oral health and overall health.

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Get more smileage out of your life

Embarrassed about your smile? ARID’s dedicated team can help you get more smileage out of your life.

Life’s too short not to feel good about yourself and your smile. Especially, with the...

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